Activist training with MASIPAG @ Centre d'Information Tiers Monde- CITIM
May 18 all-day

Action Solidarité Tiers Monde invites you to its first series of activist training regarding the perspective of the south in terms of climate change, campaigning and activism.

In the context of complex and interconnected existential crises, social movements are rising across the world to find solutions. They represent major powers of pressure to push the needed political and economic changes in the pursuit of social justice, environmental protection, among other causes. In this spirit, ASTM aims to build solidarity among movements, organizations and causes through a series of activist training that exchange knowledge and experience.

This time the activist trainings will be led by Alfie Pulumbarit, campaign coordinator of our partner organization in the Philippines, MASIPAG, a network of farmers’ organizations, non-governmental organizations and scientists working together on sustainable management of their agricultural land to conserve biological diversity.

Over the last 17 years, MASIPAG has been at the forefront of development struggles in the Philippines pursuing, among other things, a holistic approach to development, community empowerment, and people’s control over agricultural biodiversity as a contribution in the over-all effort of improving the quality of life of small farmers.

Date: Saturday 18.05.2019
Location: CITIM, 55 Avenue de la Liberté, 1931 Luxembourg
Trainer : Alfie Pulumbarit, MASIPAG’s campaign coordinator.
Language : English

Activist Training & Exchanges

Part I. The Philippines – one of the most climate change-stricken countries in the world. Time: 10-12h00
The challenges facing the Philippines are enormous: In one of the countries most affected by climate change, respect for human rights is a daily struggle – faltering land reforms, land seizure by multinationals and political repression determine the daily lives of the population.

Lunch break : we invite the participants to bring their lunch or otherwise we can arrange to go together to a restaurant nearby. Time: 12-13h

Part II. Campaigning and Activism by MASIPAG – learning from the South. Time: 13-16h
Masipag fights with the farmers against the liberalization of the rice industry, against resource-intensive projects such as mega-dams and mines, and with the “Stop Golden Rice” campaign MASIPAG is committed to respecting human rights, biodiversity, and resource and climate protection.


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  • Part I: Climate change
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  • Part II: Campaigning and Activism